Dirty Socks from a Clean Floor? You're Doing Something Wrong

Published: 18th December 2008
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At the end of the day, when you are getting ready for bed, do you look at the bottom of your socks and realize that your once-white socks are now black or gray? If all you have been doing is walking around your house with your socks on, your floors are to blame. But what if you just cleaned your floors and your socks still end up that way at the end of the day? If that's the case, your floor isn't really clean - you are doing something wrong.

With various types of flooring in your home, it may be difficult to properly clean each kind of surface. Maybe you have hardwood floors and area rugs in the living room, carpeting in the bedrooms, tile in the entryway, and linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen.

Here are some basic cleaning tips for the various types of flooring that you may find throughout your floor:
* Be sure you have a good vacuum cleaner - cheaper models usually are not worth the savings. Get a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar (or power head) and a HEPA-grade filter. Consider purchasing a commercial-grade cleaner. Also, it is important to keep your vacuum in good working order.
* Specific brands of wood and laminate flooring may have manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions, be sure to follow the manufacturer's advice for best results.
* Sweep and/or vacuum all areas at least once a week and clean high-traffic areas more often.
* Deep clean carpeting and rugs every year to year and a half. Either hire professional carpet cleaners or use shampooing equipment.
* When mopping floor, including wood flooring, use minimal water with a mild cleaning solution.

Remember that clean floors will not only keep your socks clean and your house looking nice, but also will extend the life of your flooring. Clean floors last longer.

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